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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Living Christ

I made this over 6 months ago and forgot to post it. There are 2 sizes you can download them as.



  1. I am trying to download the 8x10 of the living christ but it's not letting me. Do you have any other links to it?

  2. I am trying to print this and it is super small. When I try to enlarge it it gets all pixely. Any suggestions?

  3. Hi, I'm not sure if you are monitoring this anymore, but I'm trying to recreate the Family Proclamation in a 24x36 size (white background) We have most of it, but I'm wondering if you could tell me what the title font is and also the font for "to"?

  4. Hey there! I was able to download this in the 20x30 and would like the Family Proclamation in the same size but it seems that one is only available in an 8x10. Is there a way to get that one in a larger size too so they match? Thanks a ton, these are beautiful!

  5. These are great! Can you please send me The Living Christ and YW theme in 16x20 to